The Dental Dangers Of Candy Canes

The holiday season will be here before you know it (in fact, we are already all geared up and excited). Alongside all of the festive cheer, you should brace yourself for an unstoppable splattering of not-good-for-your-smile snacks.

One of the most famous is the candy cane. This striped sweet may be tempting, but you should resist it, with all of your might. Here is why.

1. They Are Readily Available

On the tree, on sale at the store, at the office, scattered around the house. EVERYWHERE.

2. They Are Sugary

Duh? The high sugar content makes them a not-so-great choice, tooth-wise. You really don’t need to add any extra into your diet.

3. They Are Sticky

…Which makes them more likely to end up stuck in between your teeth and on your gums. Plus, they are hard candies, so biting down on them is doubly-dangerous.

4. They Are Not Filling

Will polishing off a candy cane leave you feeling full and satisfied? We sincerely doubt it! Stick with healthier snacks, if you must munch in between meals.

Opt for a sugar-free mint or stick of gum instead.