Three Ways To Boot Brushing Boredom

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Brushing your teeth is not the most riveting activity on the planet, we know. But it is vital to your continued oral health, so it’s best to keep yourself from switching into “autopilot” mode and rushing through the process.

So, here are three tactics to revamp your brushing routine.

1. Buy A New Toothpaste Every Few Months

Swapping in a new toothpaste flavor every now and then can help you boot brushing boredom.

Have fun with it. Try out mint for the holidays, strawberry for spring, something tropical for the summer months, cinnamon for autumn. Just be sure to opt for picks that are ADA-approved.

2. Turn On A Tune

Far too few actually hit the two-minute brushing mark (and it’s not like most people are watching their clocks while cleaning their pearly whites anyway). So, why not add some music to the mix?

Create a playlist of your favorite longer-than-two-minutes-long songs. Every day, you can brush along to the beat.

Yes, we know it’s corny. But it’s also fun.

3. Don’t Always Brush The Same Way

First and foremost, is it possible that you are skipping certain sections of your mouth? Hm.

Aim not to start in the same place each session. Mix it up; gums first one day, tongue the next, etc. This strategy can help remind you to focus on every single area.

Have your own suggestions? Share them with us!