3 Clues Your Gums Are Not In Tip-Top Shape


Staying on top of your oral health status is vital. Why not make it a habit to pencil in a quick do-it-yourself check up every so oftenDoing so can clue you into all sorts of potential dental disasters. Obviously, this is an “extra” to-do and is not an excuse to skip your regular dental appointments!

One factor to focus on is your gums. Here is what to keep an eye on.

Their Color & Firmness.

Healthy gums tend to be pink-ish…and firm, for the record. If yours are looking a little yellowor if they are feeling newly soft—you might want to ring up the dentist to schedule a visit. Worried that they are receding? You should certainly mention it to your dentist!

Increased Sensitivity.

Does merely touching your gums cause pain or discomfort? Then there may be something else going on in your mouth, especially if your gums are also swollen or bumpy.


Bleeding gums should not be ignored or overlooked (though it is always important to make sure you are not brushing them too hard, of course). As we often say, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

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