How To Help Your Child Find A Terrific Toothbrush

how to help your child find a terrific toothbrush

Is it time for you to buy your child a new toothbrush? Probably. That said, you may be a bit stumped as to what exactly you should be searching for.

Heed the following three tips.

1. It’s important to look beyond the aesthetics.

Sure, junior might be clamoring to scoop up a toothbrush that is branded with his or her favorite super-hero or cartoon character, but sticking with this criteria alone is not a good idea. Is it ADA-approved? Can it fit comfortably in your kid’s mouth? Are the bristles too hard or too soft? Stay picky.

Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist for recommendations, either!

2. It isn’t forever.

You should toss out toothbrushes every 3-4 months (and whenever you or your little ones are sick), so splurging on a super decked-out toothbrush might end up being a bit of a waste when all is said and done. Just a heads-up!

3. Make picking out a new toothbrush a tradition.

Will this be their favorite event in your family calendar? We are guessing not. But involving them in the process may lead to less tears and less drama down the line. Swing by the store on your way back from their dental appointments, or whenever a new season is on the horizon. Teach them to read labels and to look for specific features and details, rather than grabbing the most prettily-packaged choice.

Happy toothbrush-hunting!