3 Ways You Can Embrace National Children’s Dental Health Month 2019


“The February 2019 National Children’s Dental Health Month is brought to you by the ADA. This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and many others.”

Is it that time again? Evidently! This year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month slogan is “Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile”. We wholeheartedly approve!

Here are a few steps you can take to help make the world a better place.

1.Pick Up A New Toothbrush For The Kids In Your Life

Or, better yet, help them figure out how to select a fantastic one. Keep your eyes peeled for the ADA Seal Of Acceptance, details about specific features and remember that it is only going to be their oral care companion for 3-4 months, tops. You can also point them towards “toothbrushing tunes”…because they are really fun!

2. Donate To A Worthwhile Organization Or Charity That Focuses On Protecting Kids’ Smiles

There are many! You can also double-up and ask your loved ones to follow in your philanthropic footsteps. You never know what one simple act of kindness can do for someone in need.

3. Share Information & Resources On Social Media

Something as simple as “Healthy habits start early! #NCDHM” or “Baby teeth are important! Did you know a baby’s primary teeth are already present at birth? #NCDHM” can spark a very important conversation or it may even inspire your friends to read up on this important event.

You can also absolutely use this event as an excuse to reevaluate and revamp your own dental routine habits, adults!