4 Foolproof Ways To Consume Less Sugar

sugar one

Breaking news—sugar is bad for your smile. Okay, you probably actually already knew that.

Still struggling to tame your sweet tooth? Here are four tactics that can help you get a handle on your sugar consumption.

1. Read Nutrition Labels & Ingredient Lists Very Carefully

That “healthy” granola you picked up from the grocery store might actually be filled with iffy ingredients. We have said this time and time again, but you might have to look beyond the packaging (and ignore marketing gimmicks and such) to determine whether a given food item is actually a solid option. Your grin is on the line!

Your best bet is probably to stick with foods and dishes that contain minimal additives or odd-sounding “extras”.

2. Skip The Soda

(And sweetened coffee concoctions, for that matter.) Do you really need to gulp down a can of pop? Nope. Not only is this beverage packed with sugar, it is also adding extra calories to your daily tally. Kick the habit, stat. Same goes for sports drinks.

3. Second-Guess Your Snacking Choices

Mid-meal munching can damage your smile for a few reasons. Be very conscious of what you are chowing down on and drinking, especially when it is an in-the-moment treat.

Furthermore, you should always, always, always brush and floss after eating. At the very least, be sure to drink some water to wash away a few left-behind food particles.

4. Download An App

Not in the mood to track everything that you are digging into? No worries. There are quite a few free smartphone applications that will crunch the numbers for you; they can also absolutely help you to figure out if you are overdoing it with the sugar.

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