How To Convince A Loved One To Finally Start Flossing


You may reach for the floss every morning and night, but perhaps your stellar smile falters a bit when you notice that your dear friend/a beloved family member/spouse/etc. is not quite as diligent in this regard.

What can you do to convince them that this is absolutely worth addressing and changing?

1.Lead By Example

Walk the walk. Who wants to take dental directions from someone who cannot even be bothered to follow their own advice? No one.

2. Share Some Stats

Numbers don’t lie. A bad oral health care routine will almost certainly catch up to you at one point or another. Throw some digits their way, to prove your point about the importance of properly pampering your smile.

3. Help Them Select The Perfect Type Of Floss

Waxed, unwaxed, flavored, unflavored—everyone has their preference, whether or not they know it yet. Suggest that they pick up a few different varieties and find out what their favorite is.

4. Ask Them To Chat With Their Dentist

Maybe they need to hear it from a professional. Urge them to confess and admit that they have been, uh, skimping on their dental hygiene must-dos. Should they mentally prepare for bleeding gums? Are there any other facts they should know?

5. Push Them To Rely On Reminders

Consider recommending that they stick a “remember to floss” note, near their sink, so that they don’t forget to do this. They can also set a twice-daily alarm on their smartphone. Whatever works, right?

6. Celebrate Their Success

It is really difficult to even attempt to make a lasting lifestyle change, especially as an adult! Give them some well-deserved kudos. Follow this up with even more praise when they continue to floss like a boss.

Good work!