6 Oral Care Sins You Should Never Commit

6 Oral Care Sins You Should Never Commit

More? Yes. Turns out there are plenty of oral care no-nos that you might accidentally be committing.

Settle in.

1. Skipping Flossing

You really have to floss. Take our word on this, please!

2. Drinking Lots Of Coffee & Wine

Skip the java and wine. If you must enjoy an occasional cup or glass of these beverages, be sure to brush beforehand, to minimize your chances of ending up with a stain-speckled smile.

3. Using Your Teeth As Tools

Risking cracks (and worse, in some cases) because you don’t want to go grab a pair of scissors is totally not worth it.

4. Not Changing Up Your Brushing Routine

Boredom is not a great catalyst. Make it a point to revamp and re-evaluate how you clean your teeth, every few months. Change is good!

5. Ignoring Warning Signs

Whether it’s mouth lumps, bleeding gums or something else entirely, it is super important to ring up the dentist whenever you notice something new going on in your mouth. Prioritize your appointments, too.

6. Using A Worn-Down, Old Toothbrush

How effective could this possibly be? Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months and/or whenever you notice a drastic change in bristle texture or softness.

We hope this has been helpful!