Should You Sip Sugary Beverages Through A Straw?

straw one

Tempted by coffee or soda (or any other smile-risking beverage)? Try to refrain. Sugary drinks are not good for your health or your smile.

If you do choose to treat yourself to the occasional cup or can, should you first reach for a straw? Many dental professionals recommend doing this.  

Sipping these through a straw may arguably help to minimize dental damage (i.e. tooth stains, for example). But, bear in mind, one would have to position the straw properly—towards the back of your mouth, rather than against or near their pearly whites.

That said, others believe that this isn’t all that helpful of a “hack”. In most cases, your teeth are still being exposed to the liquid in question. Hm.

Our take? It might be worth trying out, but a better (and more certain) course of action would be to eliminate super sweet beverages from your diet altogether. If that seems unbearable to you, aim to cut back your consumption, swish your mouth out with water after indulging and practice day-to-day healthy oral care habits.

See you later!