Dental Misconceptions That Are (Likely) Jeopardizing Your Oral Health

Dental Misconceptions That Are (Likely) Jeopardizing Your Oral Health

Dental misconceptions can range from silly to absurd, but believing any falsity puts your smile on the line.

Here are the top five oral health “lies” we wish people would stop spreading around!

1. Flossing Is Pointless

Unfortunately, quite a few people believe that flossing is a waste of time. It isn’tFlossing can ensure that left-behind food particles are gone for good, among other things.

2. You Only Have To Head To The Dentist When You Have An Oral Health Issue

Not so. Maintenance matters! You should see you dentist every six months. Not only does this ensure that oral care issues are caught and correctly quickly, it also keeps your smile looking brighter. Win-win.

3. Brushing & Flossing Is All It Takes To Keep Cavities Away

Obviously, these two habits are very, very, very important. But you do also have to stay away from excessively sweet food and drink items! All the brushing in the world can’t undo, or even balance out, the damage of a sugar-laden diet. So, focus on all of the above.

4. Any Toothbrush Or Toothpaste Will Do

Picking some random product off the shelf can end up being a major mistake! Always buy toothbrushes, toothpastes and flosses that include the ADA Seal Of Acceptance. It is a super simple way to ensure that you are using an option that is backed up by studies and research.

5. Beautiful Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Gleaming, “good-looking” grins aren’t necessarily free from dental woes. Throw in the fact that there are plenty of procedures that can superficially mask what is going on in one’s mouth and, well, this becomes even more obvious. Looks can be very deceivingleave the analysis up to a dental professional.

See you next week.