3 Quick Fixes For Common Flossing Issues

Pushing Through Flossing Issues

Flossing continues to be a hot topic, in our world. However, we are aware that certain difficulties can arise for some patients.  

Powering through is essential, for your smile and your dental future. But this endeavor doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable, difficult one.

Behold our top three suggestions for addressing flossing a few common flossing-related issues.

1. Buy Ready-To-Use Flossers/Floss Picks

If it is difficult for you to properly prepare the floss for use yourself, you can instead pick up ready-to-use floss picks. Don’t worry, there are several choices that have the ADA Seal Of Acceptance. A startlingly simple solution, right?

2. Incorporate It Into Your Daily Routine

Picking up a new habit isn’t exactly a walk in a park. So, slap a note on your mirror or set a regular reminder on your smartphone, if that helps! After a week or two, this will be second nature and you will no longer run the risk of skipping this vital oral health “step”.

3. Ask Your Dentist For Tips

Worried about your gums bleeding, post-flossing? Wondering what the “perfect” flossing session looks like? Strike up a conversation with your dentist and/or your dental team. They will certainly be able to help you out.

Hope to see you soon!


Hope to see you soon!