The Healthy Smile Seeker’s Guide To Dried Fruit

The Healthy Smile Seeker’s Guide To Dried Fruit

Think twice before you start mindlessly munching on dried fruit, as it can actually harm your smile…if you aren’t careful!

Here is how to enjoy dried fruit, without compromising your grin.

1. Choose Sugar-Free Options

Dried fruit is sweet enough as it is! Candied/sweetened dried fruit is a big dental (and health) no-no. 

2. Mix & Match

Pair a handful of raisins with celery sticks or a few carrots, for example. Why? Chewing on fibrous foods can “clean” your pearly whites.

3. Drink Water

Generally-speaking, it is always a good idea to sip some H20 when you are eating; it can wash away food particles. This is especially true when it comes to sticky, chewy substances. (Yes, like dried fruit.)

4. Brush & Floss Afterwards

Don’t leave anything up to chance! Keep your teeth spotless by brushing and flossing after eating dried fruit. Wait a bit, if it is acidic, though.

5. Think Of It As A Treat, Not A Regular Snack

Don’t count on dried fruit to fill you up. Instead, view it as an occasional indulgence, which you preferably reach for right before or after an actual meal.

Long story short, you can still enjoy dried fruit, just be smart about it.