5 Surprising Things That Can Impact Your Smile

5 Surprising Things That Can Impact Your Smile

Neglecting your oral care routine is a sure-fire way to wind up having to deal with dental issues. But, did you know there are quite a few other, less obvious habits and tendencies that may impact your teeth, gums and tongue?

Here are five to jot down, for future reference.

1. Medications

Yup! Certain prescriptions can even change the hue of your pearly whites. Needless to say, it is essential to talk to your doctor (and your dentist) about whether or not a given medication might increase your risk of running into certain dental conditions.

2. (Some) Gum

Regularly chewing sweetened gum is an easy way to up your odds of ending up with a cavity. Pick up a sugar-free option, instead.

3. Acidic Foods

Be cautious when it comes to enjoying acidic foods, as frequent exposure to these can erode enamel. Familiarize yourself with which choices are worse than others, only indulge occasionally and pair them with bites that boast a higher pH level.

4. Sharing Your Toothbrush With Others

The possibility of passing infections and bacteria back and forth is a pretty unappealing, right? Right. Be selfish and keep your toothbrush to yourself.

5. Skipping Appointments

Your teeth may look and feel fine…you cannot be sure that they actually are, though. Stick to the recommended appointment schedule, so that potential oral care pitfalls can be addressed as quickly as possible, if need be.

Until next time!