Summertime Snacks To Shy Away From

Summertime Snacks To Shy Away From

Summertime is filled with laughter, sunshine andlet’s be honestway too many sugary goodies.

Keep cavities away by skipping the following food items.

1. Ice Cream

We know, we know. But most ice cream options contain an alarming amount of sugar, not to mention the fact that it is often topped with sweet “extras”, like caramel sauce or chocolate sprinkles. Why not enjoy some frozen fruit, instead?

(Take note of temperature, too!)

2. Fair Foods

By and large, these (think funnel cake and deep-fried desserts!) are bad for your teeth. Help your smile stay safe by bringing healthier snacks along with you, to sidestep the temptation to indulge in a not-wonderful-for-your-oral-health pick. Oh and be sure to tote around a water bottle; staying hydrated is especially important right now!

3. Potato Chips (And Other Starchy Eats)

Surprising? Perhaps. But potato chips contain starch, which becomes sugar. Oh and this often winds up trapped in between your pearly whites. Not great.  

4. Certain BBQ Staples

From sauces to spices, classic barbecue ingredients can cause oral issues. That is not to say that you have to turn down invites to these types of get-togethers, from now on! Simply remember to plump for plenty of grilled veggies, have some floss on hand and you will be fine.

We hope you are living it up this summer!