Can Mouthwash Replace Flossing?

Can Squishing With Mouthwash Replace Flossing

Life hacks can save your time, energy and money. But can using mouthwash or mouthrinse really replace flossing? Nope. Not by a long shot.

Trying this tactic is ill-advised in our opinion, as you end up leaving a lot to chance. Which, as you surely know by now, it not a great gamble when it comes to your oral health. It is much better to simply floss regularly, to ensure that you aren’t going about your dayor, perhaps worse yet, sleepingwith left-behind food particles trapped between your teeth.

(Kind of alarming when you think of it that way, right?)

You can absolutely enjoy an extra fresh post-brushing feeling by incorporating a mouthrinse, with the ADA Seal Of Acceptance, into your daily dental routine. Just think of it as an “extra” step, rather than an excuse to skip flossing.

Bye for now.