How Braces Impact Your Overall Oral Health

Adjusting to life with braces can be a bit of an ordeal. What changes do you have to implement? Will you have to revamp your routine? Frankly, it is all rather overwhelming.

However, there is no need to succumb to panic. Take a look at our top three tips on this very topic.

1. Heed Food Restrictions

You may not be overjoyed with the long list of “no-no” menu itemsyou still need to keep these off your plate. Listen to the experts on this one and take their word seriously. Trust us.

2. Invest In The Proper Tools

Pick up the necessary oral care instruments to keep your smile sparkling and healthy. Ask your orthodontist and dentist for specific product recommendations, if necessary.

3. Keep Up With Your Dental Appointments

Sure, you are having your teeth peeked at during every single orthodontic appointment but that doesn’t mean that you can skip your normal dental appointments!

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