3 Odd (Yet Effective) Ways To Improve Your Oral Health

Forever looking for new ways to keep your smile in tip-top condition? Same. 

Here are three odd, yet effective ways to improve your oral health. (Going beyond the basics can be effective, it turns out.)

1. Don’t Rinse Out Your Mouth, After Brushing

We cannot believe that this habit isn’t more commonplace, actually. Rather than swishing water around, once you have finished brushing your pearly whites, spit out excess liquid. This ensures that the protective fluoride from your toothpaste sticks around. Good to know, right?

2. Read Up On Your Medications

Neglecting to do this may mean that you just may end up being surprised by the side effects a new medicine or medication might have on your grin. Do your due diligence and discuss your concerns with your doctor and your dentist, so that you aren’t putting your pearly whites at risk, unnecessarily.

3. Remember To Think About Food Temperature

Frequently switching between hot and cold menu items can cause your teeth to expand and contract, which could eventually cause microscopic cracks to develop! Be mindful of not just what you eat, but whether or not pairing it with something else is problematic.

Check back in with us later for more dental talk!