3 Halloween Candies To Toss Out

3 Halloween Candies To Toss Out

We are right smack dab in the middle of treat season—let’s be honest, the Halloween goodies start tempting the masses way before trick or treating begins. But some candy offenders are worse for your smile than others.

Pick these out of your seasonal stash, to keep your grin gloriously gorgeous…and healthy!

1. Sour Candies

People often overlook the dental dangers of sour candies, instead opting to solely focus their attention on sugary bites. But sour candies typically contain a high level of acid, which is known to erode enamel. Eek!

2. Sticky Candies

From gummy bears to toffee, sweets with sticky textures tend to wind up stuck between your teeth. Which, obviously, doesn’t do your smile any favors. Who wants to deal with unnecessary cavities?

3. Hard Candy

Far too many folks chip or break teeth, while eating hard candies. (And we don’t just mean jawbreakers.) Sidestep this risk entirely by avoiding hard candies in general.

Happy Halloween!