3 More Terrible-For-Your Teeth Holiday Treats


This list just goes on and on, no? But it is important to stay informed, nonetheless. Your teeth deserve the best (and nothing less!)

1. Peanut Brittle

Festive and fun as it may be, it is still sticky and uber-sweet. Pass on this one.

2. Cocktails

Alcohol won’t help your grin gleam. Not only can it lead to dehydration, it can also increase the odds that you end up with tooth stains. Holiday concoctions are even worse, as they often contain sweeteners and juices.

3. “Light” Chocolate

Milk chocolate is typically packed with sugar. Eek. As for dark chocolate, don’t go overboard; it may be less harmful for your teeth, but it is still an indulgence.  

Resist munching outside of mealtimes, too!