How To Deal With Dental Emergencies

How To Deal With Dental Emergencies

Chipped teeth, suddenly swollen and sore gums, unexplained, unbearable tooth pain, a cracked denturedental emergencies happen every day!

Behold our game-plan for emerging from any type of oral health catastrophe unscathed.

1. Assess The Situation

Head to a mirror, open wide and take a peek at what is going on in your mouth. Is the situation more or less serious than it initially seemed? Do you notice any other, less in-your-face issues? Take note.

(Grabbing a flashlight and/or enlisting the help of a loved one might be a good idea, too.)

2. Ring Up Your Dentist

No matter how confident you are that your dental emergency is manageable, you should still get in touch with your dental team. They might have other ideas…and they are likely better versed in this regard, right?

3. Seek Out In-The-Meantime Solutions

Whether your appointment is in half an hour or in a day or two, you can absolutely consider alleviating your pain or discomfort, for the time being. Run any ideas by your dentist before you pick up an ice pack/take medicine, etc. though!

Feel free to give us a ring, if you need to.