Taking Care Of Your Teeth While Traveling

Taking Care Of Your Teeth While Traveling

Have a trip planned? Do all you can to ensure your smile stays healthy, while you explore the world.

1. Avoid The Cocktails

Vacation mode typically tempts most of us into tossing our healthy habits out of the window. Extra dessert, later-than-usual nights out—you know the drill. However, try to limit your consumption of sugary drinks, including cocktails!

2. Bring Back Up Dental Supplies

Just in case! Pack one set in your backpack or purse and another in your luggage. It never hurts to tote along a few bottles of water, too, just in case the water quality of your locale of choice is a bit iffy.

3. Properly Store Your Oral Care Essentials

Keep your toothbrush away from your other toiletries and keep it zipped up in a plastic sealed bag. Super simple.

4. Have Your Details Down

Know your dentist’s contact information, as well as the address of the local embassy or consulate. Odds are that you will never need this, but, when it comes to medical or dental emergencies, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Happy Traveling!