3 Methods That May Help You To Minimize Mindless Munching


Snacking outside of mealtimes, as we have mentioned before, might contribute to certain oral health blunders, such as cavities.

Utilizing these three tips can help you to minimize mindless munching.

1. Stay Hydrated

Okay, just to be 100%, crystal clear, we are urging you to drink water, not coffee, sports drinks or soda. This can prevent you from feeling parched and desperately diving into the donuts (or what-have-you).

2. Keep Your Hands Busy

Do puzzles, knit sweaters, play with slime or putty, that sort of thing. Eating out of boredom is not great and this can help curb that behavior. Go ahead and give it a shot!

3. Remove Temptations

Let’s face itkeeping that candy drawer stocked is not doing you any favors. Toss out sugary snacks and replace them with healthier fare that can actually boost your smile, so that if you do end up eating something unexpectedly, it won’t harm your oral health. Stock up on sugar-free gum, as well.

Wrapping it up here for now!