When Tongue Issues Arise (And How These Impact Your Overall Oral Health)

When Tongue Issues Arise (And How These Impact Your Overall Oral Health)

One of the many reasons we suggest that you regularly check what is going on in your mouth is so that you can be aware of any sudden changes that just may be cause for concern.

This, absolutely, includes your tongue.

1. Discoloration

Has the hue of your tongue seemingly transformed? Whether it’s looking whiter, lighter, redder or another color altogether, this type of change can be an indication that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist!

It might also be worth it to consider purchasing a tongue scraper, just to make sure that the new shade isn’t just left-behind residue. (Which is a bit gross in itself, right?)

2. Unexplained Bumps

Notice any new bumps or lumps on your tongue? It is important to take note of this. It could be nothing—but it’s best to have your dental team take a peek, to rule out more serious oral issues.

3. Patches

Patches on or under your tongue could be an indication of Leukoplakia, thrush or yet another condition that requires treatment.

Basically, be wary of any changes to your tongue. When in doubt, always ask your dentist!