Three Of The Worst Tooth-Damaging Habits

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There are seemingly a million and one ways to accidentally put your smile on the line, which is precisely why it is so important to know what not to do, when it comes to your teeth!

Like, for instance…

1. Using Tobacco Products

Smoking, dipping, dissolvablesall are bad for your health and well-being. Avoid vaping, too. According to the American Dental Association, tobacco use is causally associated with higher rates of tooth decay, receding gums, periodontal disease, mucosial lesions, bone damage, tooth loss, jaw bone loss and more.

2. Eating After Your Nighttime Brushing Session

Even one tiny bite! This really defeats the whole purpose of brushing and flossing, right? You don’t want to undo all of your good work. Ditch the late-night snacks once you’ve put your toothbrush down, post-brushing.

3. Only Focusing On How Your Teeth Look

Merely maintaining the appearance of a beautiful smile is foolhardy. You want to do everything you can (i.e. regularly visiting the dentist, limiting your consumption of sugar, staying hydrated, etc.) to ensure that your grin is as healthy as it looks.

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