Gray Teeth: Everything You Need To Know


Looking in the mirror and noticing that your teeth are looking a bit gray can be a shock. Should you immediately rush out and pick up a tooth whitening kit? How concerned should you be? Is it time to ring up your dentist and make an appointment?

Well, that depends.

1. Medications

Double-check those labels! Certain medications can impact your smile in various ways…including this one.

2. Disorders

This is not a one-size-fits-all reason, which is why it is vital to mention any type of change in tooth color to your dentist, so that he or she is able to rule out certain disorders. (Communication continues to be a very important component of any patient-dentist dynamic!)

3. Trauma

Don’t underestimate this one! Trauma can cause gray stains to appear on your teeth. Loss of blood flow can lead to the tooth dying and, subsequently, then turning gray. Tooth decay can do this, too!

4. Dental Materials

Metal crowns and silver fillings have been known to cause tooth discolorations. It’s best to be aware, right?

We really hope this helps.