Keeping Your Smile Safe In Stressful Situations


It is probably (and particularly) painfully obvious at the moment but, sometimes unexpected situations pop up out of nowhere. Dealing with the fallout from these types of ordeals isn’t easy…at all.

Therefore, we wanted to simplify your life a little, by outlining four ways that you can keep your smile safe in trying times. 

1. Remember To Reexamine Your Brushing Routine

Believe it or not, many people aren’t brushing their teeth properly. There is no time like the present to make sure that you are correctly cleaning your pearly whites, tongue and gums.

2. Keep Hygiene In Mind

Never share your toothbrush with others. Regularly sanitize surfaces, including phone receivers. Don’t touch your mouth (or your face, for that matter). Cough and sneeze into your elbow, not your hand.  Above all, be sure to consistently follow all CDC guidelines, to prevent the spread of disease.

3. Don’t Let Stress Impact Your Smile

Be proactive on this front. Watch out for mouth-damaging manifestations, like nail biting or tooth grinding, too.

4. Resist The Temptation To Gravitate Towards Unhealthy Food Items

Mindlessly munching out of boredom isn’t great for your oral health. Stay hydrated, keep your hands busy, store sugary snacks out of sight and stick to a regular “meal” timeline.

Thanks for reading.