How To Make Oral Care Routines Fun For Kids

How To Make Oral Care Routines Fun For Kids.

Convincing your child to diligently and properly brush and floss his or her teeth can feel like an uphill battle. But it doesn’t need to!

Here are three ways that you can help make oral care routines fun for kids.

1. Make Up A Silly Song

Need an easy way to make sure your little ones hit the 2-minute mark when they are brushing their teeth? Come up with a funny tune to sing! Enlist your kiddos help to think up lyrics—the more ridiculous, the better.

Record this and play it on your phone, twice a day, while they are brushing their teeth!

2. Make It A Game

Children love games! Who can brush their teeth in the most over-the-top way? Who can do the best post-“brushing” dance routine? You can even award points and prizes!

3. Decorate Dental Accessories

Throw together a collection of stickers and gems for your child to choose from. Encourage them to go wild and jazz up their toothbrush handles, floss container, etc. Consider creating a “dental mailbox” for Tooth Fairy transactions, too.

Hope your whole family enjoys these!