Getting Rid Of “Mask”-Magnified Bad Breath


Now more than ever, you might be noticing that your breath isn’t nearly as fresh as you’d like it to be—and you’re not alone!

Long story short, wearing masks tends to make us more aware of our own halitosis. What a wake-up call!

Here is how to deal with it.

1. Brush Better

Reevaluate your brushing routine. Are you rushing through it, leaving areas of your teeth, gums and tongue, un-brushed? Failing to hit the two-minute mark, morning and night? Be honest with yourself.

2. Add In An Extra Flossing Session

Flossing is a great strategy for keep bad breath at bay, especially if you floss after eating a meal or a snack.

3. Stay Hydrated

Your day-to-day routine still might not be back to its regular rhythm, but you can help combat bad breath by drinking enough water. (Coffee, soda, sports drinks and alcohol will only hurt your quest.)

4. Consider What May Be Causing This Uptick In Odor

If you just can’t seem to banish your bad breath behind your mask, no matter how proactive you are being, it might actually be a sign that something is going on. Take a peek at your mouth in a mirror. Report any changes or concerns to your dentist.

Thank you for doing what you can to keep yourself and your community safe!