Three Ways To Refresh Your Oral Health Game Plan

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From mask-magnified bad breath to figuring out how to roll with the punches (while keeping your smile safe), 2020 has already been quite a rollercoaster. Why not refresh your oral health game plan?

1. Remember To Replace Your Toothbrush

Have you tossed out your old toothbrush lately? If not, you should do so, right now. Brushing with a worn out, weak-bristled brush will not yield great results.

2. Try Not To Let Your Oral Care Habits Fall Apart

A loss in routine and structure can make it difficult to stick to your normal to-dos, including properly brushing and flossing twice a day. Set a reminder on your phone, ask a family member to check in, do whatever you need to hold yourself accountable.

3. Avoid Slipping Into Mid-Meal Munching

Chowing down outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner might be harming your teeth, which is why sidestepping it is a good idea. Minimize snacking throughout the day, especially if you are frequently tempted to reach for sugary or starchy bites.

See you later!