3 Quick Fun Facts That Can Help Your Smile Shine

3 Quick Fun Facts That Can Help Your Smile Shine

1. Spit Out Toothpaste After You Finish Brushing, Rather Than Using Water To Rinse It Out

Have you heard this one before? The aforementioned strategy ensures that protective fluoride from your toothpaste sticks around.

2. Avoiding Ingredients That End In -Ose Makes A Big Difference

Sugar and your teeth are not a great match—and neither, for that matter, are artificial sweeteners. When you’re skimming the packaging labels of your favorite snacks, do your best to stay away from options that contain “ose”; sucrose, fructose, maltose, glucose and lactose.

3. Brushing Ruts Can Cause All Sorts Of Oral Care Issues

Hey, we have all been there. Are you skimping? Missing areas of your mouth? Not brushing your tongue? That stops, now! Treat your teeth well.

Remember to also keep up with your dental appointments, safely.