Seemingly Healthy Habits That Can Harm Your Teeth


Unknowingly committing oral care mistakes is not fun, especially when you pride yourself on your healthy habits.

Don’t fret though—we are here to help!

1.  Drinking Fruit Juice

It’s true! But there are steps you can take to keep your fruit juice habit from veering into “bad for you” territory. Whew!

2. Working Out (Without Thinking About Your Smile)

Getting your sweat on is good for you! But it is important to avoid clenching your jaw while lifting weights, sipping sports drinks or eating an iffy post-workout snack.

3.  Flossing…The Wrong Way

You may think that there is no way to fail as long as you are picking up the floss, but this is, sadly, not quite correct. Floss in an up and down motion, rather than a side-to-side one, use quality floss and stick to a regular routine, for starters.

Stay safe and smile!