Is It Ever Necessary To Change To A New Type Of Toothpaste?

Are you tempted to switch up your toothpaste selection from time to time? Should you take the leap?

Here’s the rundown on whether or not it’s actually necessary to opt for a different toothpaste flavor, brand or type.

1.      You Are Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

There is no need to suffer! There are plenty of choices out there that are formulated specifically with sensitive teeth in mind, so do not be wary about moving away from your current toothpaste. Your smile will thank you.

2.      You Are Worried About The Hue Of Your Teeth

Wanting whiter teeth is very common. While whitening toothpaste isn’t a guaranteed miracle in tube, as long as it has the American Dental Association Seal of Approval, it is a perfectly reasonable pick (though it might not be quite as effective as talking to your dentist about an in-office procedure).

3.      You Were Given A Glowing Recommendation

Ideally from your dentist or a member of your dental team—not online influencers. Some advice just needs to be taken. 

4.      You Are Tired Of The Toothpaste On Your Sink Counter

If a fun, more intriguing flavor fits the bill and gets the job done, why not? Just be sure to skim the ingredient list to ensure that it has everything you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong…and, of course, stick with one that has the aforementioned Seal of Approval!

See you next time.