Protecting Your Teeth In Summer


Summer is a splendid season. The sunshine, the sea and the smiles—what else could you possibly want?

However, there are a few downsides to this time of year. Sunshine can actually lead to problems for your teeth and mouth. Being wary of chlorine is a good idea too, as is stepping away from tempting (but terrible for your oral health) treats, like ice cream and fair food. 

In fact, even a few seemingly healthy bites deserve a second glance. For example, certain tropical fruits contain acidic acid, so be sure to make the proper adjustments so that you can indulge in these without potentially damaging your enamel.

You can also make a few tweaks to make barbecues less risky for your smile. How? Stay in the shade, skimp on certain sauces and pack your plate with veggies. And avoid chewing on ice at all costs!

The most important thing you can focus your attention on though is actually pretty simple—maintaining proper care habits. Brush and floss correctly with ADA-approved products daily and attend your regular dental appointments. 

We hope you are all having a fantastic summer!