3 Bad-For-You Brushing Mistakes You Might Be Making


Uh oh. Poor brushing habits are not helping you on your journey toward a happy, healthy smile. Quite the contrary, in fact. 

Check out three brushing mistakes you might be making, so that you can rectify them, like, now.

1. Rushing

Life is an adventure. But it is essential to carve out two minutes to floss and brush your teeth, morning and night. Skipping out on this now will almost certainly add more trouble and hassle to your schedule in the long run.

2. Using The Wrong Toothpaste

Take, for example, one without fluoride or one without the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. Don’t be lured in by funky flavors alone, either. 

3. Spitting After Brushing

Swishing with water after brushing is almost second nature to most people…but it shouldn’t be! This practice can wash away the protection offered by fluoride in your toothpaste. 

Are you guilty of any of these “oops”-evoking actions?