Do or Don’t-Snacking on Frozen Honey?


Frozen honey is making a splash across social media as a clever, creative and delicious snack. People are pouring the golden syrup into bottles, plopping them into the fridge until the honey freezes and then squeezing the sweet honey into their mouths. Sounds fun, right?

But is the buzzy reputation of frozen honey well-earned? Let’s discuss this, framing it in a purely tooth-focused manner. (We are a dental office after all!

Biting into any type of hardened sweet may end with a chipped tooth, depending on its consistency, believe it or not. A chipped or broken tooth is a dental emergency and who needs to add one of those to their schedule?

Furthermore, sticky sugary snacks tend to stick between your teeth, which may lead to oral health problems. Yikes.

Time for the final verdict…if you are really enticed by the idea of chowing down on frozen honey, play it safe by eating it very, very sparingly, and, of course, flossing and brushing afterwards.