Finding A Dentist While Managing Dental Anxiety


Is your dentist understanding? Honest? Caring? Compassionate? Proactive? If not, managing your pre-appointment dental anxiety is likely an uphill battle! You deserve to feel heard and respected.

Feeling comfortable with your dentist even if you aren’t prone to dental anxiety is really, really important! Make sure you find a provider who is glowingly reviewed, communicative and surrounded by an equally-excellent team. Be choosy! 

Ask potential picks a lot of questions. How does he or she address concerns relating to dental anxiety? Do they have specific guidelines in place for patients who experience dental anxiety? Is the office staff versed in treating patients who grapple with dental anxiety? Get concrete answers to these prompts. 

Be upfront and honest about your dental anxiety. Masking or hiding your feelings will not help you to feel more comfortable once you’re in the dentist’s chair. Proper communication strategies may help lessen your anxiety, allowing you to feel more in control and at ease before, during and after treatments, procedures and check ups. 

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