Holiday Tooth Tips To Keep In Mind This Season

Holiday Tooth Tips To Keep In Mind This Season

The holiday season is most definitely upon us, which means it is time to talk about ways to protect your teeth amid a sea of sugary treats and indulgences

1. Know What To Eat (And What Not To Eat)

Peanut brittle and “light chocolate” are two oral health offenders, but there are way more out there, unfortunately. Many of these are loaded with cavity-causing ingredients, while biting down on others can actually lead to a dental emergency, such as a cracked tooth. And some fit into both categories.

Knowledge is power! Munching on vegetables is a good call, as is chowing down on cheese.

2. Cut Back On Cocktails

Especially eggnog! Dehydration, stains and high sugar content are not very cheerful, after all.

3. Keep Up With Your Normal Brushing & Flossing Routine

Brushing and flossing properly is absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy smile, so don’t let the festivities distract you from diligently taking care of your pearly whites. 

It might be worth it to purchase a “mini” toothbrush and floss kits if you’re heading to a relative’s house for a family dinner. The sooner you remove food particles, the better. (Generally speaking, though this isn’t necessarily the case with acidic food.)

Happy Holidays!