Taking Care Of Your Teeth When You’re Sick

A photo accompanying Vista Dental Care's post on Taking Care Of Your Teeth When You’re Sick.

From sniffles to the flu, oral care quite often takes a back seat when you are under the weather. 

This doesn’t need to be the case, however. Let’s explore how to stay on top of your dental health when you are sick.

1. Double Check How Your Medication or Medicine May Impact Your Mouth

Just to be safe, you can keep an extra-vigilant eye out on the label…and your tongue, gums and teeth.

2. Be Careful About What You Are Drinking

Sports drinks and sodas are nothing more than temporary fixes. Drink water instead! And lots of it. Remaining properly hydrated is crucial to preventing dry mouth (which is, in addition to being uncomfortable, may put you at increased risk for developing cavities.)

3. Rinse Out Your Mouth After Vomiting

We know this is rather gross to think about it, but it is really a necessary step to take. Wash away stomach acid and left-behind food particles by swishing with water. Hang in there! 

4. Stock Up On Sugar-Free Options, Whenever Possible

Syrups and cough drops are now often available in sugar-free variations. But even if you pick up these better-for-your-grin choices, maintain your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Feel better soon! Remember to also replace your toothbrush.