When Should Kids Start Flossing?


While many parents and caregivers have gone above and beyond to instill fantastic brushing habits in their little ones, flossing is often overlooked. One reason might just be the fact that it can be difficult to determine when a young child should start flossing his or her tiny teeth!

We will spare you yet another lecture on why flossing properly is such a vital part of the overall oral health maintenance package and will instead shed some light on introducing this to your kid(s) at the right time.

The general consensus seems to be that you should begin flossing their pearly whites as soon as they have two teeth that touch. As babies grow teeth at different rates, the timeline for when this can happen can vary wildly. Seeing as you should schedule your baby’s first appointment within six months of their first tooth making its debut (or by their first birthday, whichever comes first), it is entirely possible that a dentist has already broached the subject.

You will likely already be paying attention to their mouth, tongue and gums during the “teething” stage, so you will have front-row seats to this exciting development! 

Once you have determined that the time has come to introduce flossing, you can incorporate this into your child’s existing dental routine. If it is difficult to get the job done using traditional floss, consider using a floss pick instead. 

Be patient and consistent. Explain exactly what you are doing and why. (And be sure to practice what you preach!) 

Let the fun begin!