Surprising Ways Stress Can Harm Your Oral Health


Stress is not good for your body or mind. It is also terrible for your teeth, tongue and gums and every other part of your oral health picture.

Let’s take a look at three alarming ways it can negatively impact your pearly whites.

1. It can cause you to (unknowingly) grind your teeth.

It is possible that you are already grinding your teeth, even if you don’t realize you are doing it

2. It can propel you to seek solace in mindless munching.

This is, of course, not the case for everyone, but many people tend to eat poorly, or even just more than they should when they are dealing with difficult situations. Chowing down outside of mealtimes, in general, can be bad for your teeth.

Same goes for consuming alcohol or smoking. Find a better way to remain relaxed, such as meditation or exercise.

3. It can lead to a decrease in saliva production.

A little unsettling to think about, but very important to know. Dry mouth opens up a whole new world of potential problems

Keeping your smile safe in stressful situations is very doable, as long as you are proactive about your approach.