Unfortunate Oral Health Mistakes Most People Make

Via Courtney Cook on Unsplash

Life is just full of unexpected oral health pitfalls, isn’t it? Let’s talk about a few dental mistakes most people make, without even realizing it!

1. Jumping On Health Trends Without Thinking About Their Teeth

Have you ever heard a friend or family member enthusiastically recommend an unfamiliar health-boosting “trick” that seemed to be a life-changing idea? Being willing to try new things is great, but don’t throw caution to the wind completely. 

One example is drinking undiluted apple cider vinegar every morning. It sounds promising in theory but it might damage your precious enamel

Be mindful of how your actions can hurt your pearly whites. 

2. Ignoring The Impact Stress Has On Their Oral Health

Stress is nothing to scoff at and it can certainly play a part in unknowingly grinding your teeth, encouraging mindless munching and decreasing how much saliva you produce. Try to be proactive about stress management strategies and don’t be afraid to voice concerns about this to your dental team. 

3. Being Flippant About Oral Health Guidelines

We are passionate about emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper flossing and brushing habits (and making sure you are doing everything the right way, which is not nearly as simple as it might seem initially), but this “uh-oh”-evoking attitude also leads to other, less glaringly obvious mishaps, such as sharing toothbrushes, failing to toss out past-their-prime brushes or using fluoride-free toothpaste

4. Focusing Solely On How Teeth Look

Helping patients achieve the smiles of their dreams is one of our favorite things! However, this also requires actively addressing underlying dental issues, rather than merely masking them in order to get what looks like a “perfect” smile. Stay away from strange “hacks” (like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixtures)…talk to a trusted, reliable dentist instead! 

Can you think of any others?