Medications & Your Teeth: What You Need To Know


Many have begun to voice concerns about the impact that pills, potions and pharmaceuticals can have on your mouth.

Now, we completely understand why. It’s unsettling to imagine that addressing one problem may incidentally cause damage in another arena. A bit scary, right?

That said, there is no to need to fret. Because we have a suggestion that can probably quell your fears!

The best way to prevent medication-related issues as they pertain to your gums, tongue and teeth is to…talk to your doctor and to your dentist!

Mention oral health woes when you are being prescribed medicines by your doctor. Inform your dentist when you begin a new prescription.  Do all that you can to communicate to all involved.

We also encourage you to make a note whenever you notice a possible warning sign; jot down the date and take a photo. Then make an appointment with both medical professionals as soon as possible.

By keeping everyone looped in, you can ensure that everyone is well-aware of applicable potential side effects; decisions can be made to minimize the chances of these occurring.

See you again soon.


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