April Link Roundup: Our Favorite Stories This Month

link roundup april 2015

April was National Facial Protection Month and Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which meant that there was no shortage of amazing stories, awe-inspiring articles and awesome infographics floating around the web this month!

So, before we officially say goodbye to April, we wanted to take a minute to highlight some of our favorites.

Here are our picks:

WebDental put together a few home remedies for bleeding gums: http://goo.gl/I6SD7e

Summer isn’t here yet (we are counting the minutes until June 21st though, obviously) but you can be super prepared with these “Summer Smile Protection” tips from Dr. Marielaina Perrone’s blog: http://goo.gl/O4w8VH

In case you missed it, an “Arizona Woman Sees Jesus In Her Dental X-Rays”. Get the full story from Huffington Post here: http://goo.gl/ge4mRl

Here are a few of the ways that teeth whitening can change your life from Dr. David Wilhite: http://goo.gl/edZZWu

Bonus: This one was posted in March, but you should still check out Kyrene Family Dentistry’s “7 Taste Bud Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know”: http://goo.gl/IYft7P

Happy (almost) May!

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