3 Simple Ways To Avoid Tooth Stains

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Tooth stains can ruin (or at least blemish) an otherwise stunning smile. And you probably are already well-aware of which food items are guilty of staining your beautiful teeth, right?

That said, who wants to avoid coffee, teas, wine, beets (and on and on) out of fear of potential tooth stains? Not us! And we are betting that you are in the same boat.

Which is why we went ahead and roundup up three simple ways that you can avoid staining your teeth. You’re welcome!

Use a straw.

This might be a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised how few people adhere to this guideline, which is a bummer because it just may help prevent tooth stains.

So, whenever possible, sip stain-causing liquids—i.e. wine, coffee, dark fruit juices, etc.—through a straw.

Does drinking from a straw seem a little bit juvenile? A bit. But it also may help you maintain a stain-free smile. So the choice is yours!

Brush & floss ASAP* after eating stain-causing foods.

We suggest that everyone have a portable/mini toothbrush and floss tucked away in their desk/purse/car/etc. in general. You never know when reaching for these items can help ensure that your smile is in tip-top condition before a work meeting, a date or an impromptu picture-taking session.

In this case, having these dental necessaries available after eating any foods or drinking any drinks that might stain your pearly whites is a good move.

Be sure to brush first, then floss and then brush again thoroughly. Doing to just may help you keep your smile stain-free.

*It is worth noting that you should wait 30+ minutes after eating or drinking acidic foods or beverages before brushing your teeth, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Chow down on a few fruits and veggies.

Eating certain foods can give your teeth a good scrubbing, which can remove plaque and buildup.

We suggest carrots, celery and apples. It really is that simple.

If you feel that your teeth could use a good  deep cleaning—or even a professional tooth whitening—don’t hesitate to  request an appointment with us. We are more than happy to help!


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