Holiday Oral Care Tips For A Jolly Smile

Your dose of holiday spirit will be arriving any day now, if it hasn’t shown up just yet.

There are so many things about this time of year to celebrate. But the upcoming season can also pose a threat to your dental health. 

Wondering what to watch out for? Take a look at four oral care tips for jolly smiles, courtesy of the Vista Dental Care team.

1. Know What To Avoid

Treats, sweets and goodies are all over. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a delightful dish or drink from time to time, but you should be aware that certain festive food is worse than others. Sugar-packed flavored popcorn, peanut butter brittle, candy canes and eggnog should be consumed very carefully and occasionally (at that).  

2. Keep Up Your Good Oral Care Habits

Parties and get-togethers are especially excellent in December, but don’t let a good time get in the way of your regular brushing and flossing routine. 

3. Avoid Excessive Mid-Meal Munching

It can be difficult to resist snacking throughout the day when there are yummy bites and delicious drinks everywhere you look. Sticking to meals can help avoid having left-behind food bits for hours on end. Remember to also drink plenty of water to wash these away. 

4. Don’t Let Low-Confidence In Your Smile Keep You From Posing For Pictures

A gleaming, perfect-looking smile isn’t always telling the whole story anyway. And if you’re self-conscious about your teeth, be proactive and talk to your dentist! Your dream smile can become a reality. 

More dental advice is coming soon.