The Best & Worst Breakfast Choices For Your Teeth


How you start your day can make such a difference to your mood. And, yes, this includes what you eat for breakfast. 

As we have pointed out many, many times in the past your diet also plays a significant part in your oral health situation—sometimes in a positive way and other times in quite the opposite direction.

Care to join us on a little exploration of the best and worst breakfast choices for your teeth?

1. Best: (Almost) Anything Avocado

Avocado toast, a dollop of guacamole in a breakfast dish, a sliced avocado with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of pepper. Or practically anything else that includes avocado, as this superfood contains magnesium, folic acid and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients. Try adding it to your omelet, along with a well-chosen cheese, for a smile-boosting beginning to your day.

2. Worst: Sugary-Packed Cereals

While cereal has arguably been the go-to breakfast food for decades, it’s extremely important to be picky about which brand or type you’re digging into. Some options are just loaded with sugar, which is, obviously, a poor choice for your teeth and your overall health. Double-check the nutrition label on all cereal choices because even some seemingly healthy picks are actually well-disguised oral health offenders.

3. It Depends: Coffee + Juice

Spilling packet after packet of sweetener into your morning cup of coffee is a real dental sin. Not only can this beverage increase the odds of tooth stains, it can also wear down enamel in some cases. Green tea is a better alternative in many ways, as drinking it has been found to promote healthy gums and teeth.

A similarly tricky drink is juiceHowever, if you are mindful about how you go about consuming it, you should be A-okay. 

Eat up!